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Zaun IIIII, Ort Bewegung Zaun


plaster, wood, steel

various dimensions

When is knowledge imparted by whom, from which position? This is the question with which the work “Zaun IIIII, Ort Bewegung Zaun“ deals. The installation shows plaster casts of newspaper pictures, which are laid out on three tables. There are three boxes with other motifs on plaster - an archive. The tables are arranged in three categories: Place, movement

and fence.

The plaster casts come from 22 issues of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ No. 192-205; No.214- 222; 2015), a liberal german newspaper, which exists since 1945. By focusing on one newspaper the depicted momentum offers a reverence value. Through the impression process, the very concrete press photos become shadowy and are largely reduced to form and unsaturated color. The idea to work with these images arose from the question why or to what extent different actors within the discourse on the so-called “refugee crisis“ are assigned to certain stereotypical


The prints of the newspaper pictures show a historical moment - yet an archive of the present. Despite the illustrated horror, the individual objects have a distorting beauty. By transforming photographs into

a fragile sculpture- the objects change the view of the everyday.

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