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working it out


performance with beamer projection and sound

duration ca 20 min 

The performance deals with the presence and prejudices of the female body in society. It is divided into seven rounds by a box bell and the video projection changing in the background. In each round a variety of physical presences is established though different muscle poses, workouts and narrations, which are based on female role models from pop culture and biographical experiences. The performance aims to question traditional role models by juxtaposing physical excercise, spoken word and video excerpts. The video excerpts show a montage of color plates, typhography, women wrestling scenes and Hollywood Blockbusters with female actors. In each sequence of the performance before the box bell rings again one can find an underlying question: Is it possible to overcome traditional attributions and implement new ones?

In the penultimate sequence, the entire audience is involved in the performance and asked by the performer to follow her instructions. By separating the female read bodies from the audience at the end and bringing them to the front, a moment of female empowerment is created that makes female physicality tangible and is almost frightening for the audience.

Video documentation: Sarai Myron

Photo documentation: Takashi Kunimoto

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