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Installation (25 plastic bags, cord, looped video 3 min 15 sek) 

size variabel ( plastic bags ca. 180 x 300 x 300 cm)

In the installation, 25 transparent, air-filled plastic bags hang from orange strings in a symmetrical grid from the ceiling. A two-channel video is running next to it on closely spaced screens. The video shows from two perspectives the same house being driven on a truck through a nocturnal street scene. A female voice calmly explains what „levitation“ is.

In the installation, the inflated bodies, which at first glance appear to be floating, become placeholders for content that has not yet been concretely placed in categories - a state of transformation, beyond evaluation. 

A house travels through the city on wheels, depriving it of its function as a place to live. A correspondence is created between the house without foundation and the bodies without permanence.

In „levitation“ no space is defined in the sense of limitation, rather an in-between space is explored through different visual strategies and offered as an option to utopia.

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